Illustrations, Logo, Identity

This project is very special to our team.
We were enthusiastic to undertake the project and enjoyed every second of the creation of this site. 

The format
ON Rock is a rock music award, given to the top Bulgarian rock band or artist of the year. At For The People we are passionate about rock music and decided it was high time to contribute to making the Bulgarian rock scene stand out, with a new design. The designs were then placed, so the public and media will easily spot them. The site itself is a place where our young and highly capable rock bands will receive deserved support or critique from the audience, local clubs, state and private sector.

The challenge
The challenge for our team was to create an easily identifiable and visually impressive site that will be memorable to the consumers. We had to convey the message, the nature and the mission behind the award.

The decision
Our team created every aspect of the logo, our talented artwork team created the illustrations. The illustrations were then used on other promotional materials.

The result
This being a passion project, made the work process very easy for us.
The site and all the artwork created was received exceptionally well, making this project one of our personal favourites. 



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