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We live in a time when the Internet is an integral part of everyone's life. Quite often your online positioning is the first contact of potential clients with the products or services you offer. Therefore, the first impression you create on the web is vital for your brand. The web services we offer will satisfy consumer demand and will help the development of your business.

Website development

We will create your website and make it practical, effective, engaging, and serving the core business objectives of the brand. In view of our experience with the construction and maintenance of corporate and e-commerce websites, we can assure you that all steps - from the development of the concept to the design and its development, will be perfectly performed to be able to properly approach the main objectives of your business. Not only the appearance matters - the website should reflect in the best possible light the products or services offered, it should work quickly, be intuitive, and optimize customer service. Our team will meet these requirements thus enhancing user experience.

For us each project is a challenge and we work on it as an individual process. To achieve the desired end result, we conduct a number of studies and meetings with the client to know their business in detail. A trademark of our team has become the realization of innovative solutions beyond standard frameworks that impress customers and build a personal and recognizable image of your brand. Websites created by us always become successful and are a fast return of investment.

For the realization of a professional and high-quality website, our team goes through very different but equally important steps.

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At the beginning of the project, our team makes a thorough research of the business of each client. We analyse products or services offered, target audience, objectives of the company, competition and local and worldwide leaders are studied. A concept vision of the website, its functionality, and how to properly implement it in the workplace is defined.


Once we have enough information, a conceptual vision of the website is built, which aims to present the architecture of individual pages. The product of this stage is a schematic view of the website, which presents the layout and logic elements, but without the visual value of fully completed design. The aim of this process is to consider various options before the project has entered a more developed stage and to plan the layout in different screen sizes. The necessary specific functionalities and innovative solutions to achieve maximum effect are specified.


The website is the face of your business. Its design must express your uniqueness and reflect the values of your company. We will create a design reflecting the latest UX, and UI trends. We like to break stereotypes with unconventional and innovative solutions that will distinguish you from the competition. The selection of colours and fonts is crucial to the impact of the design on consumers. The intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface and the optimal arrangement of content on the website will help easily and quickly detect sought information, product, or service. We pay special attention to every detail as we know that great things are hidden in small details. Copyright illustrations and conceptual photography that we can create for you are perfect additions to your online presence.


The next phase of the project is the development that combines two processes - visual and functional development of the website. Modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery will be used in the process of front end development. The design shifts from image to an interactive field with elements that respond to user actions. The programming code will be built according to the latest SEO trends to achieve best ranking in search engines. The website must build trust and any broken element may have a negative effect on consumers. Careful touches of every detail, personally created effects and innovation will give users a sense of full complete concept.


A system for comprehensive administration of content is developed and an administrative panel CMS (Content Management System) is created. It is uniquely tailored for specific business needs and has an easy-to-use interface through which anyone can easily change the entire contents of the website, such as adding and editing news, services, and other activities. Through the individually created administrative panel you will have detailed statistics about the sale, status of orders, consumer activity and others. It will optimize intercompany processes and increase the productivity of your company. Our team can develop a personal CMS, which is to replace the complex software administration systems.


Once the website is ready, all interactive components will be checked for optimal functioning. This additional testing is necessary, because the design and initial testing phase often occur on different servers, and further examination is necessary to eliminate the incompatibilities. The website will be tested in all popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, as well as devices with smaller screens. Our team goes through all functionalities to be sure that there are no errors or broken links.


The website will be created with initial optimization. Our team will evaluate the following components: meta tags, page titles, alternative attributes for images, structure of the website, text links and text pages. You will be provided with all necessary information for the correct maintenance of the website. Our team offers additional functionality to build comprehensive and complete image of your brand.

Our team offers additional functionalities
to build a comprehensive and complete image of your brand


Our work does not end with the delivery of the project in your hands. We offer comprehensive maintenance and development after the completion of the website. It includes updating the source code for the latest browser versions, uploading the information on the website (data entry), writing and publishing content (copywriting), maintaining a blog page and more.


Responsive or more adaptive design means that your website will be built so that it responds to any screen sizes, while maintaining a clean and crisp view on all types of devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.). According to recent statistics over 34% percent of consumers use mobile Internet, with this percentage increasing continuously. And in view of the increasing use of mobile devices, responsive design is becoming a mandatory standard. The most popular search engine in the world "Google" officially announced that search in mobile devices will be brought to the forefront only those websites that have responsive design.


E-shops are among the preferred options for successfully selling products or services. The experience of our team include the creation of E-shops in various fields. We offer flexible solutions for e-commerce with various payment methods. We will create your e-shop with user interface intuitive to navigate and tailored to the specific area of activity of your business. Personally developed admin panel ensures exceptional ease of management of the overall content of the website without any special technical knowledge. It will provide detailed statistics for orders to be carried out by it. The high-quality e-shop will lead to promoting and improving your company's image.


The optimization will help your website's reach top positions in Google naturally. Our team of developers will build a well-organized code base that is fast, easy to use and optimized to the needs of the search engines. This includes optimization of website content, selecting the right keywords to optimize the website code, optimize internal links and navigation on the website. The main advantages of optimization are substantially improving the company's corporate image, branding as a leader in Google as well as the market leader, and high ROI.


Mobile applications have been developed for small portable devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. We will develop your application, according to the latest trends in the field. The user interface of mobile applications aims to focus consumers' attention to the most important information with a minimum number of actions. We can create Native and Web-based applications depending on the specific needs of your business.


Emails are the preferred method of business communication and the most reliable method to reach the desired audience. By creating a personal layout of business emails you can send messages with your characteristic appearance.

Newsletter system

Email templates can be integrated with popular email systems that allow sending mass messages to all customers.
The system for email news can create additional marketing channel by allowing periodic planning of letters to multiple recipients.


Our team can offer any kind of individual software solutions for your business needs.
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