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Art and Design

Art and design play an important role in our lives. They are a powerful medium that can be used to make a statement, influence perceptions, provoke thought and differentiate oneself from others. Through our art and design services, we can help you convey your message, raise your company’s profile and attract positive attention.

Logo Design and Corporate Identity

A company’s logo and its corporate identity have an impact on its image and perception. Getting these components right from the start is important for the future brand development. We can help you realise your ideas or develop a concept for you from scratch.

Collateral Design and Print

Collateral remains an important tool for marketing your company and increasing your brand`s exposure. We bring years of experience of creating collateral for B2C and B2B clients including business cards, labels, brochures, flyers, catalogues, magazines, calendars and more. We can provide design, pre-print and print services.


Thanks to our in-house illustrator, we can offer unlimited creativity and originallity. Our illustration services are applicable across a variety of channels – collateral, decoration, 3D art, adverts and more.

Photography and Retouch

Working with talented photographers, we provide all types of professional photography. We create conceptual images that are able to communicate powerful messages.

3D Art, Animation, Video and Sound

Keeping up with the latest technological developments, we are in a position to create innovative video clips, animations, commercials, 3D art and more.


We can help you take your brand to the next level by offering branded printing on clothing, souvenirs, promotional items and other.

Art and Decoration Consultancy

Our art and decoration consultancy service is designed for clients, who appreciate original design and aren't afraid to experiment with change. We can research, source and advise you on furniture, art items and more, ensuring your most demanding needs are satisfied.


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