Cool Travel

Logo and Identity

The client 
Cool Travel is an agency that specializes in organizing student and youth programs, through airline ticket sales, travel itinerates, education and internships abroad etc. The Agency partnered with one of the largest US organizations involved in cultural exchange programs. 


The challenge
The challenge for our team was to create a brand new, up-to-date look to identify with the youth target market. The marketing representatives of Cool Travel did not have specific vision of how they wanted the new brand to turn out, so we had complete creative freedom. The main objective was to present the company as a market leader. It gave us the freedom to showcase our skills in the best possible way. 


The decision 
Our team ended up providing more than 10 different concepts for a new logo and identity, before the final idea came to be. The Cool Travel team were easy-going, trusting our judgement as to the final design choice. After selecting a final version, our team created a "brand book", including all guidelines for proper use of the logo. This enables the client to use the logo that they paid for, in ways they didn't even anticipate.


The result
We conducted an assessment of the new brand identity both by the client and by its users. The feedback we received as a result of the marketing materials created, showed a positive response in the agencies’ offices also, not only online. 

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