"D Commerce Bank" AD Design and Front end development of e-banking system

"D Commerce Bank" AD is a commercial bank with a full banking license to conduct financial and banking operations worldwide. The Bank provides all types of banking and financial services, adheres to international best practices and raises as its priorities the customer service, comfort and privacy. "D Commerce Bank" AD strives to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing financial market conditions, offering a quick and cost-saving solutions in a reliable and flexible manner.

The challenge for our team started with the invitation to tender for design and front-end development of new e-banking of "D Commerce Bank" AD.

We won!

The assignment for our team was the required creation of a modern, stylish look, highlighted uniqueness and character consistent with the institution's activities. Our thoughts immediately went in one direction - how to transcend global competition, how to become better than others, and how to offer a unique interactive product!


We started with a thorough examination of the best achievements of leaders in the field. The idea that formed was to produce and offer two versions of the design instead of the required one.

Variant 1
Modern design in standard frameworks

Variant 2
Extremely innovative, intuitive, easy to operate, as new development and vision


After choosing the design, without changing the preliminary agreement in terms of payment and time, our team decided to create 40 instead of the agreed 8 pages for more precise and satisfying result.

In a series of many meetings with experts from the "D Commerce Bank" AD we managed to combine their expertise in banking, with ours in interface design and front-end development. Our team coped with the task perfectly. P The users of online banking can enjoy innovative features, easy and intuitive navigation. The adaptive design built makes banking in all types of devices and resolutions extremely easy, fast and enjoyable. To develop the project we used advanced and innovative technology built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JavaScript Library - jQuery.



Logo and Animation
We created a new logo for the system based on already established and well-known logo of the bank.
The animation of the logo was created to indicate loading is one of those little details that add touch of completion and leave in users the feeling of an overall concept.





Complete animated interface
Animated menus, intuitive icons with animated tooltips to them that work smoothly even on older devices. They enable users to navigate very easily into the system without loading with unnecessary information.




Dynamic tables
Depending on the resolution information is dynamically transferred from a column to the additional information. The columns of all tables in the Internet banking can be moved depending on the willingness of the consumer through the function "drag & drop". The layout is saved in the memory of the browser. This is an extremely convenient feature that allows the user to select his or her priority accounts.

The option to sort the column in ascending / descending order is another opportunity to customize information according to the user's wishes.




Modern and standard form of payment orders 
All pages with payment orders in online banking can be used in two different layouts that users can change at any time without losing data entered.

The first layout is based on a paper document, with the aim of direct association with the well-known physical copy.

The second vision follows the stylistic of the elements of the website - modern and easy to use interface.



"Drag & Drop" transfer of funds 
Transfer of funds from one account to another is done by "drag and drop" functionality.
Easily, quickly and without entering any additional information.

Informative message
The message is displayed for a certain period of time indicated by the indicator of loading.
It does not detract the focus of the user and has the option to be directly removed.



Custom calendar
Custom calendar with modernistic vision for easy selection of dates and periods of dates. On mobile calendars are replaced with the interface of the operating system with the purpose of using the vision with which users are already accustomed.



Responsive design
Having in mind the enormous amount of information and the multiple types of pages of the Internet banking system, creation of responsive design was a challenge. Our team coped with the task perfectly. Customers of Dbank can enjoy the end result on all kinds of devices and resolutions.   The impressive and extremely easy-to-use responsive interface of Dbank makes banking on mobile devices convenient, fast, and easy to do.




Custom Scrollbar
Personalized scrollbar follows the style of the built design and adds friendly look to the internet banking in all browsers.

Custom select menus
Drop-down menus with options for direct text input and search for entries in real time. Entered data is stored in the menu and facilitates future operations with the same data. 

Saving of data
After careful study by experts from the Commerce Bank on multiple fields and tables of the internet banking, our team included options for storing data in the fields and tables that users would use most frequently.

We created a professional photo session, which refreshed the vision with the addition of high quality images.


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