Daily Diamonds

Design and Development of E-commerce Website

The client
Daily Diamonds is a company specializing in handcrafted jewelry. They stand out with a unique design, combining the power of various natural stones, shapes and elements, influenced by various cultures around the world.

The challenge
The challenge for our team was to create an e-commerce website for the brand. The website itself reflecting the company identity and distinctive style. The responsive design showing the products offered, was made to work fast, specific to the area of search and the interface user friendly. 

The solution
Our team managed to surpass the client expectations by creating an extremely easy-to-navigate website reflecting the latest trends in the field. We integrated specific features such as an "infinite scroll", a customized administrative panel, a highly adaptive design overall, product filter operating according to the set parameters etc. 

The result 
The website resulted in the promotion of the company. It managed to attract many new customers and the implementation of direct sales. The positive feedback we received from the client and its users of the website, makes us proud of its final result.


Link to the website: www.dailydiamonds.co.uk




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