Noir Tower

Building an informative website

The Client: Noir Tower is a modern US-based research paper writing company. They specialize in writing scientific publications for clients with extremely high and specific requirements. The team of over 100 freelance scholars and resident editors serves clients on all academic topics worldwide.


The assignment: Noir Tower commissioned us to create a budget informative site. The main goal of the site is to present the main activities of the company in a clear way, in a style that corresponds to the high quality of the services and specialists of Noir Tower. The site's focus is both on informing potential clients and recruiting new freelancers to offer their knowledge and skills through the company. 


The solution: We created a clean and extremely stylish site, clearly presenting the services and capabilities of Noir Tower. We fulfilled the client's task exactly and created the most suitable UX/UI concept for the intended purpose.


Result: Noir Tower were satisfied with the result and recognized us as professionals worthy of long-term cooperation. After the creation of the simpler informative site, the company entrusted us with the rather more complex and responsible task of maintaining several of their sites and platforms, as well as the development of a complex and innovative platform for managing the company's activities.

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